Positively Clean
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"I had Priscilla clear my property this past summer(2009).  Our above ground pool water was absolutly green.  We had been trying all summer to clean it up,  nothing was working,  partially due to the rains this year.  We had given up on it and hadn't added any chemicals or run the filter for weeks.  With in two weeks of Priscilla clearing the property,  I noticed the pool water was crystal clear.  Aside from the debris that has accumulated on the bottom,  the water itself was clear.
I have never known stagnant water to improve on it's own."
Lori A. Brown
East Hampton,  Connecticut
"Thank you,  thank you,  thank you for clearing my property!  It has helped tremendously with the negative spirit( actually demon) that was interfering with my life for a long time.  I feel much better emotionally.  I felt the clearing began after I talked to you on the phone.  I just wanted to say thank you again for the clearing."
New York
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